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Selamat datang! This forum is especially for Malaysian fans of the awesome German rock band, Tokio Hotel. Fans from other countries & all over the world are also welcome to join!
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PostSubject: Posting A New Thread/Messages   Posting A New Thread/Messages Icon_minitimeSat May 03, 2008 8:59 pm

Rules for posting threads:

1/ Words that needs to be capitalized... NEED TO BE CAPITALIZED!
ex. bill's news = NOT ACCEPTABLE! || Bill's News = ACCEPTABLE!

2/ If your threads needs translation, please post in the translation section.

3/ Do NOT just put down the artists' name and expect us to know what you are talking about. PLEASE BE MORE SPECIFIC!

4/ Try not to change the colors when you are posting unless you need to.

5/ Do NOT post sentence per line. example:
Hello, My name is -----
I live in -----
I am ---- years old
What about you?

One, That is considered a spam, unless it is posted in the Chill Out Zone.
Two, That takes up WAY too much space. You do NOT need a sentence per line. That's why they invented 'paragraphs' for us to use.

7/ Do NOT quote large images.... if possible just post LINK.

If you break these rules, You WILL get a PM warning you about it.

If you are not sure where to post, feel free to PM us.

Thank You for taking your time to read this.
Tokio Hotel Malaysia Admin.
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Posting A New Thread/Messages
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