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Selamat datang! This forum is especially for Malaysian fans of the awesome German rock band, Tokio Hotel. Fans from other countries & all over the world are also welcome to join!
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 All About You

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PostSubject: All About You   All About You Icon_minitimeTue May 06, 2008 4:41 pm

This is the place for putting ALL about yourself here. It would be great to know each other well. Smile
Post ONLY your profile here! I mean DON'T post any other posts other than your profile! NO SPAM here! If you have some questions, PM me.

So here it is:


Real Name: Nurdinni Ahmad Shokri
Nickname: Dini, Dino, Nini, Nor. In the cyber world I goes by the names Daishi, Tabeck, Deanash & Domino.
Gender: She-male. LOL.
Place and DOB: HKL, 1st May 1987 (the whole world celebrates my b’day baybeh – hari buruh.hahah)
Location: Bandar Baru Bangi & Kg. Baru.
Relationship Status: Never been kissed! Hahahah~ I think I’m gonna be an ‘andartu’ silent
Occupation: Graphic design student.
Education: Currently taking diploma in graphic design.
Nationality: Malaysia.
Ethnic: Malay. I think a bit Javanese & Chinese since my granddad’s a Cina Jowo.
Favourite Color: Red.
About You: 21 year old insomniatic, nocturnal, thrift shop addict & full time graphic design student. Don't expect me to say anything profound or whatever because that's not who I really am. I'm not some deep thinker who's gonna solve the world's problems or have great insight into human nature or even myself. Just a girl in the world, not very smart, not very pretty, Kinda a loser. Um yeah those practically copy & paste from my Myspace & Friendster. Lulz.
Hobbies/Interests: Drawing, reading, sleeping & practically doing nothing.
Favourite Music:I'm not one of those kids who goes with whatever's on MTV. JRock for the masses. farao
Favourite Movies/TV Show: ANTM, Criss Angel Mindfreak, CSI, Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl, Heroes, LA Ink, Japanese, Chinese & (sometimes) Korean dramas, aiyah movies too many lahh. Um Pan's Labyrinth & Blood & Chocolate.
Favourite Books: I’ma Twilight freak! Stephenie Meyer rules! Um I’m totally into chick lits, horrors & myths & fantasies.
Favourite Food: Mickey D! Hahah!
Dislikes: Poverty. NO MONEY, NO LIFE.
People I'd like to meet: The Dalai Lama & Audrey Kitching. lol!


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Job/hobbies : student
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PostSubject: Re: All About You   All About You Icon_minitimeTue May 06, 2008 5:00 pm

hahaha my profile here~!

Your User Name: ikin
Real Name: Nur Asyikin
Nickname: ikin, ekin, griffonkato, gk
Gender: female
Place and DOB: Miri, Sarawak on 12th September 1990
Location: Bandar Baru Bangi and Subang Jaya
Relationship Status: single and not single! ahahahhahaha
Occupation: menganggur. finished school. waiting for University
Education: currently just SPM
Nationality: Malaysian of course
Ethnic: Malay
Favourite Color: black! gray, white
About You: Im a shy person. But once you get to know me closer, im loud.
Hobbies/Interests: Fashion, camwhore, damaging my hair, playing with make ups, listening to music, online, game online, game game game and used to draw long time before
Favourite Music: any numetal bands i accept! Korn Deftones all time favourite
Favourite Movies/TV Show: America's Next Top Model
Favourite Books: zzzzzzzzzz
Favourite Food: pasta!
Dislikes: hypocrite people.
Moto: You are better than anyone else.
People I'd like to meet: BILL KAULITZ and AYU RATNA
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Age : 27
Location : KL, Malaysia
Job/hobbies : going TH-mad on a daily basis. :]
Registration date : 2008-05-06

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PostSubject: Re: All About You   All About You Icon_minitimeTue May 06, 2008 6:06 pm

Right, well, here's my profile! Very Happy

User Name: suuyiin Smile
Real Name: Su-Yin
Nickname: Su, Yin, Yinny, Patrick Dale [don't ask X)]
Gender: Female
Place and DOB: KL, 15th May '93
Location: KL
Relationship Status: Single to mingle. Very Happy But my heart's taken.
Occupation: High school student. Smile
Education: Er. High school... So far. O_O
Nationality: MALAYSIAN! Woo.
Ethnic: Cina. :3
MSN: [message me before you add me!]
Favourite Color: green, black, white, red, orange
About You: I'm left-handed. I can't stand History and Geography [too much reading on my part]. I like Math [ahaha, NERD XD!]. I love water - it's ah-mazing. I religiously believe that Tom Kaulitz is the finest piece of * on this entire planet. Wink Oh, and that Bill Kaulitz has the sweetest personality ever. How I wish I was like him. XD
Hobbies/Interests: I love all things creative. I write, draw, sing, dance, photograph... I'm usually glued to either my laptop, the TV, or my bed. Or perchance watching TV while using my laptop on my bed? Smile
Favourite Music: Tokio Hotel, duh. Smile
Favourite Movies/TV Show: The Nanny, The Simpsons, ANTM, Project Runway, Spongebob. Um, as for movies... Pan's Labyrinth, A Walk To Remember, Take The Lead, Step Up 2.
Favourite Books: I admit, I'm a self-professed chic-lit devotee. Smile
Favourite Food: Thai, Italian, Indian, Japanese. Smile
Dislikes: Annoying people. :3 I get annoyed very easily, hee. ^_^!
Moto: "I'll do it tomorrow. Smile" [procrastinator Neutral]
People I'd like to meet: Other ah-mazing Tokio Hotel losers [as my friends and I affectionately refer to ourselves as Smile], from all over the world. Particularly Malaysia! Very Happy Because we rock, right? Very Happy

SIGN MY TH-MALAYSIA PETITION! It's on my profile. Very Happy Hee. Sorry, I'm advertising now. Lols.
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Job/hobbies : Singing
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PostSubject: Re: All About You   All About You Icon_minitimeTue May 06, 2008 8:40 pm

Here's mine!

Username: xVeronicax
Real name: Veronica Chia
Nickname: 'V', Ronnie, Veron, Little Miss Obsessive
Gender: Female
Place & DOB: KL, 3rd June 1994
Location: Selangor
Relationship: Really complicated
Occupation: Singer/Student
Education: Middle school turning High school in September
Nationality: Malaysian
Ethnic: Chinese
Favorite colour: Black & purple
About Me: People say I'm emo and I am, I love writing poems and glaring at TH posters. I study at Cempaka International School, which I'm on scholarship because of my singing. 'Don't Jump' saved me from ending my life before & I hope it will, again. Music IS my LIFE!
Hobbies/Interests: Singing/Writing poems/Listening to music/Partying
Favorite Music: Tokio Hotel, The Academy Is...
Favortie Movies/TV Show: I have a guilty pleasure for MTV's A Shot At Love & I love watching Nip/Tuck. So far, my favorite movie is Edward Scissorhands.
Favorite Books: Uhh... Lets see... Twilight & the Harry Potter book series.
Favorite food: German food rocks, seriously! Japanese too...
Dislikes: Bitchy people
Moto: 'Live every second!' I used this before I heard of Tokio Hotel... It was from a movie, can't remember which one...
People I'd like to meet: Really good musicians like Tokio Hotel & The Academy Is... TH fans all over the world.
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Age : 26
Location : sabah kota kinabalu
Job/hobbies : obsessed fan,like driving th crazy!!ha..ha..
Humor : huh??what?
Registration date : 2008-05-06

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PostSubject: Re: All About You   All About You Icon_minitimeTue May 06, 2008 10:06 pm

Real Name: siti amirah abdul nasser
Nickname: mira
Gender: female
Place and DOB: sabah,16 may 1994
Location: sabah,kota kinabalu
Relationship Status:
Occupation: obsessed fan
Education: good?
Nationality: malaysian
Ethnic: islam
MSN:[my personal]
Favourite Color: black,pink,blue
About You: i'm funny,friendly,talkative and crazy that's what all of my frends said..and i can't stand cute guys...ha.ha
Hobbies/Interests: watching tv,surf the net,study,music,acting,eat..ha..ha..mostly junk food
Favourite Music: rock,pop,pop rock,screamo,oldies,metal
Favourite Movies/TV Show: disney teens,hbo,star movies,antm,american idol.tokio hotel tv! mtv..
Favourite Books: magazines cheers
Favourite Food: junkies..mostly italian foods..yum...yum..
Dislikes: wannabe tokio hotel fans and pompuan gedik..yukk!
Moto: all i wanna do is to get near u billy...kaulitz ha..ha.. geek
People I'd like to meet: tokio hotel,avril,cute guys!like rionaldo stokhorst,jonas,miley cyrus!
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PostSubject: Re: All About You   All About You Icon_minitimeWed May 07, 2008 1:27 am's mine! Very Happy

Your User Name: lalabillkiro
Real Name: Farah Fadzila Bt. Zainul Kamar
Nickname: Ella, Lala, Elle, E-fe, Bucket
Gender: Female
Place and DOB: Subang Jaya Medical Centre, Selangor - 31st July 1990
Location: Subang Jaya
Relationship Status: Single and I'm loving it!
Occupation: An Interior Design Student
Education: Tertiary level
Nationality: Malaysian
Ethnic: Malay
Favourite Color: Pink! Black and White.
About You: I'm just a simple girl living in her simple world. I'm shy! But I can be funny and crazy at times tongue Get to know me better then you'll know the real "Ella" Surprised
Hobbies/Interests: Listening to Music, watching MTV, surfing the net, eating, camwhoring, singing, reading, writing and shopping!
Favourite Music: Mostly Rock and Pop like Tokio Hotel, Cinema Bizarre, Lafee, The Academy Is..., Ashley Tisdale, Lady Gaga, The Moffatts, Hidell, Linkin Park, The Rasmus, Natasha Bedingfield, 30 Seconds To Mars, Simple Plan and much much more.
Favourite Movies/TV Show: Movies? Star Wars, Harry Potter, LOTR, Little Black Book, The Notebook, Bring It On, Casanova, Little Women, Pride and Prejudice and lots more! and as for TV show, my all time fav is Supernatural ( Dean and Sam, Ah! Hot Ghost Hunters aka Brothers! ) and not to forget "xoxo, Gossip Girl" Very Happy
Favourite Books: Simon Pulse Romantic Comedies Books. They are all awesome!
Favourite Food: Mexican food! esp. Fajitas!
Dislikes: Backstabbers!
Moto: ( hmm...ape eyh? haha..currenty no moto tongue )
People I'd like to meet: Bill Kaulitz and Kiro! TH & CB <3


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PostSubject: Re: All About You   All About You Icon_minitimeWed May 07, 2008 12:46 pm


Your User Name: pa-no
Real Name: you aint getting that out of me yt! nyaha.
Nickname: pa-no~
Gender: Female
Location and DOB: i'm in petaling jaya, born on the 4th of sept, too bad not on the 1st ; w ;
Relationship Status: currently single.
Occupation: going to student again
Education: SPM finish
Nationality: Malaysian
Favourite Color: black, red, pink.
About You: i'm a TARD!! haha. i like drawing bill but i'm not really into twincest XD u can check out my TH MANGA. it's dumb Very Happy and i do TH piano tributes!!
Hobbies/Interests: composing songs, drawing playing piano n guitar. singing.
Favourite Music: duh TH, cinema bizarre, l'arc en ciel, miyavi, SuG, hyde, gackt, gewn stefani,mika,yui, MCR,..
Favourite Movies/TV Show: howl's moving castle, pan's labyrinth/ ANTM cos bitchy shows are so kewl >w<
Favourite Books: Twilight~! yeah i'm a fan of edward(drool)cullen too heheh.
Favourite Food: pizza and subway. the sandwiches are to die forrr. also chocolate. kinder bueno, patchi and ferrero rocher (drool). i cant wait to taste GODIVA chocolate!! :swoon:
Dislikes: bullies.
Moto: haha ich liebe ficken bill!! or du kannst mich mal um arsch licken. i want plastic surgery >Very Happy
People I'd like to meet: Bill Kaulitz and shin :3 so i can rape them repeatedly in a dark, dark room.
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PostSubject: Re: All About You   All About You Icon_minitimeWed May 07, 2008 10:47 pm

Its all about Moi Smile

Your User Name: farahk369
Real Name: Farah Farieza Binti Zainol Kamar
Nickname: Ezza or Monkey Wink
Gender: Female
Place and DOB: Subang Jaya Medical Centre, Selangor - 10th September 92'
Location: Subang Jaya
Relationship Status: Single and Not available unless youre Hannes De Buhr, Chace Crawford,Taylor Kitsch, Tom Kay, or Jensen Ackles I love you
Occupation: Im a student.
Education: High School.
Nationality: Malaysian
Ethnic: Malay
Favourite Color: Black and Rainbow
About You: Okay, heres the thing. Just call me Farah for short. Im currently, struggling in high school, hate it. Im just a typical average girl who lives in her normal average life. Im not perfect so basically, ive done lots of mistakes in my life for the last 16 years of living in this world. But hey, im just a normal human being. Get to know me and then you'll know the REAL me. And please do accept me for who i am Smile and FYI, i love meeting new friends. Cool queen
-Interests : Boys and Fashion and Music
-Hobbies: Going online. Camwhoring. Smile
Favourite Music: Tokio Hotel, Cinema Bizarre, Metro Station, Sonohra , Britney Spears and lots more.
Favourite Movies/TV Show: Movies: Hangman's Curse, Peter Pan, The Covenant and etc
TV Shows: Ghost Hunters, Gossip Girl, and Supernatural.
Favourite Books: I hate reading, like seriously. I barely eve read story books. study silent
Favourite Food: Not so sure.
Dislikes: Fakers. and Backstabbers. and Liars.
Moto: Actually, I dont have a motto. xD
People I'd like to meet: Chace Crawford, Taylor Kitsch, Hannes De Buhr, Tom Kaulitz , And Jensen Ross Ackles. Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven

farah k <3

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PostSubject: xoxo   All About You Icon_minitimeWed Jun 11, 2008 7:01 pm


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PostSubject: Re: All About You   All About You Icon_minitimeMon Jun 16, 2008 8:15 pm

your user name:billsinem
Real Name: Sinem
Nickname: DunkeL
Gender: Female
Place and DOB: Turkey,Ankara 19 november 1992
Location: Ankara,Turkey
Relationship Status: single
Education: High school.
Nationality: Turkish
Ethnic: Asian
Favourite Color:Pink wih Black
About Me:I am very curious Girl.and ı likw travelling new country. and ı like learnd new language.
I know english,Turkish,japanese,spanish,german,french XD. and ı Like japan Rock. and I am nyappy..And BiLL is my life.


Favourite Music:Tokio Hotel,an cafe,miyavi,the gazette,sug

Favourite Movies/TV Show:South park,The simpsons,TRL the lord of the rings,harry potter series
Favourite Books:anime books
Favourite Food:Very Happyönerr
Dislikes:Rihanna,tikky PeoplexDXD
People I'd like to meet:Tokio hotel boys and an cafe members(L)_(/)
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Job/hobbies : a german wannabe / student
Humor : Spontaneous
Registration date : 2008-07-01

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PostSubject: Re: All About You   All About You Icon_minitimeTue Jul 01, 2008 11:45 pm

Real Name: Leticia
Nickname: Leticia, LeticiaticiaLe, german wannabe, Letmon
Gender: feeeeeeemale
Place and DOB: Selangor
Location: Selangor
Relationship Status: Why do ya wanna know? Huh? Stalker!
Occupation: Stooooodent
Education: Hiiiiiii-school
Nationality: Malaysian...If only I'm German! WHY!!
Ethnic: Chai-naise!
Favourite Color: Ber-lack, red, emerald
About You:
I'm still in high school, currently learning German but the process has been halted due to my oh-so-busy schedule. I'm involved in the school marching brass band and I can play cymbals and the snare drum. I learned about TH after the EMAs and has been hooked ever since. Today, I found two other TH fans in my school. I inspire to be a writer in the future and hope for TH to be known worldwide,especially Malaysia.
Hobbies/Interests: Tokio Hotel, Harry Potter und romance fictions
Favourite Music: Musik by Tokio Hotel and a few other german bands
Favourite Movies/TV Show: Harry Potter and a few others..
Favourite Books: Umm, you've got time? I'll get the list. Wait a sec.
Favourite Food: Asam Laksa, cendol
Dislikes: TH haters
Moto: Others can't make you feel inferior unless you let them / Yousen sucken!
People I'd like to meet: More TH fans and if dreams could come true, Tokio Hotel itself. affraid
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PostSubject: Re: All About You   All About You Icon_minitimeSat Jul 05, 2008 6:06 pm

i'll just do my own simple intro Smile
call me by my screename lol even though its really weird
Cool im 15 and a form 3 student
music is my life... i listen to music all the time
and i just love tokio hotel and bill lol
actually i like everyone in the band bt i kinda like bill more

lets make Tokio Hotel famous in Malaysia!
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Location : In a monsoon [honestly!]
Job/hobbies : Reading, singing, surfing the Net...
Registration date : 2008-11-10

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PostSubject: Re: All About You   All About You Icon_minitimeMon Nov 10, 2008 5:38 pm

Real Name: Nurul Nadiah Nordin [yeah, same-letter initials]
Nickname: Nadiah or Nad. Usually icegirl if online or schreigeist7 [this username is new Smile ]
Gender: Female [duh]
Place and DOB: HTAA Kuantan, 19 July 1994. I share a bday with Jared Padalecki!
Location: Kuantan [and it's in a monsoon right now]
Relationship Status: I hate Malay boys but I wanna marry a Finn.
Occupation: Student and blogger
Education: Schools at SMK Bukit Rangin
Nationality: Malaysia.
Ethnic: Malay + Chinese
Favourite Color: Red and black
About You: I love F1 and Finnish driver Kimi Räikkönen [that explains half of my nick here] so very much, maybe even more than TH Very Happy Also a big fan of Harry Potter. Lives if flood-prone Sungai Isap Damai with parents, 2 bros and a 5-year-old Joe Jonas-slash-Zac Efron lover sister.
Favourite Music: Other than TH? The Rasmus, Muse, 30 Seconds to Mars, Fall Out Boy, Angels & Airwaves, The Click Five, Panic at the Disco, Paramore
Favourite Movies/TV Show: Harry Potter, Narnia, Heroes, Kyle XY, The Amazing Race
Favourite Books: Harry Potter and some classics.
Favourite Food: Pasta, sushi, pizza, chocolate, ice cream
Dislikes: Ville Valo, George W Bush, Islamophobists.
Moto: "Life would be so boring if there were only ups" - Michael Schumacher
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PostSubject: Re: All About You   All About You Icon_minitimeThu Jan 29, 2009 1:35 am

Hello everyone!i'm new here Razz

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PostSubject: Re: All About You   All About You Icon_minitimeSun Mar 08, 2009 7:39 pm

Real Name: Anne. Just call me Anne.
Nickname: Anne.
Gender: Female
Place and DOB: Manila, Philippines. December 21, 1994
Location: Philippines
Relationship Status: Haha.
Occupation: High School Student
Nationality: Filipino Very Happy
About You: I'm a Tokio Hotel fan from the Philippines and I joined this forum to support other Asian countries who have a fanbase for Tokio Hotel. Wink
Favourite Books: Catcher in the Rye, The Long Road Home, et cetera.
Favourite Food: Filipino Dishes Wink
Dislikes: I dislike almost everything. XD
Moto: I don't have one since I don't follow them. XD
People I'd like to meet: Tokio Hotel, of course! And other artists. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: All About You   All About You Icon_minitimeMon Jun 15, 2009 6:57 pm


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PostSubject: Re: All About You   All About You Icon_minitimeMon Oct 12, 2009 10:32 am

Real Name: vjing loke
Nickname: vjing27
Gender: female
Place and DOB: selangor. 27st march,1991.
Location: kuala lumpur
Relationship Status: single
Occupation: Student
Education: high school
Nationality: Malaysia
Ethnic: English,Mandarin,Malay
Favourite Color: Black and white
About You: 18year old
Favourite Music: all kind
People I'd like to meet: TOM KAULITZ Smile Smile Smile
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PostSubject: Re: All About You   All About You Icon_minitimeSat Mar 13, 2010 12:03 am

Real Name: Liyin
Nickname: Angelaliyin and queen
Gender: female
Place and DOB: somewhere in selangor (Sept 89)
Location: pj
Relationship Status: single
Occupation: student
Education: studying in university..
Nationality: Malaysian
Favourite Color: white
About You: a normal girl
Hobbies/Interests: making some video and singing
Favourite Music: songs with meaningful lyrics
Favourite Movies/TV Show: magic show
Favourite Books: harry potter
Favourite Food: malaysian food..hehe..
Dislikes: arrogant people
Moto: do not give up easily

People I'd like to meet: Bill kaulitz, toro Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: All About You   All About You Icon_minitimeSat Mar 27, 2010 2:17 am

Real Name: Nur Athirah Amin
Nickname: Mike, Lamp (thats what my frenz call
Gender: 0_o err female
Place and DOB: May 7 1992 (im old), on operation bed, hospital, PUSRAWI, Ipoh street, M'sia, east, earth.
Location: KL, earth
Relationship Status: Im gay haha joke2.. xD
Occupation: yakuza.
Education: still waiting for the july intake..U oof coz. wish me luck guys!
Nationality: Malaysia.
Ethnic: Malay
Favourite Color: Blue, black, white, maroon, brown, grey n army green.
About You: Im a member of toilet bowl. xP love to discover this world, would love to make friends with others. Im lil bit freak, blank, and sometimes hyper. Im friendly (i guess haha), so nothin to worry about. Just hit me if you would like to share anything with me.
Hobbies/Interests: MUSIC lover! GAMES and yeah football CHELSEA fc forever. Love ART, drawing, sketching design GRAPHIC. Love ANIME, JAPANESE=KOREAN food/movie/drama/country/weather..argh all about it. kpop!! Wink XTREME games, cool GADGET, sephiroth, dance, sing, touring, universe, cool stuff, dreaming hahaha.
Favourite Music: I listen to everything. UNIVERSAL. But mostly ROCK, jkpop, techno.
Favourite Books: faceBOOK, comic/manga, language dictionary.
Favourite Food: 0__0 ALL.. delicious!!
Dislikes: WAR. Betrayer. veggie, MU, liverfool.
Moto: Question
People I'd like to meet: chelsea fc team, jose, Tokio Hotel!! SuJU, all fav. korean/japanese celebrities(too long to list), sephiroth -_-", muse, the rasmus, sp. Very Happy cheers
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Suhaida Ahmad

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Age : 25
Location : Johor Bahru
Job/hobbies : Student/ singing
Registration date : 2010-05-04

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PostSubject: Re: All About You   All About You Icon_minitimeTue May 04, 2010 6:15 pm

Sat Mar 27, 2010 2:17 am
Real Name: Suhaida Ahmad
Nickname: Su, Dada, Aida, Chocolate Kaulitz
Gender: Female
Place and DOB: 3/6/1995 HSA, JB
Location: JB ( JOHOR BAHRU)
Relationship Status: Taken
Occupation: Student(PMR candidate)
Education: high school
Nationality: Malaysia.
Ethnic: Malay
Favourite Color: Pink, Black, Purple and light blue.
About You: I'm a shy girl, but if I know someone well then suddenly I'll turn riot and crazy.
Hobbies/Interests: Listening to music, reading, singing, posing, writing, take picture.
Favourite Music: Tokio hotel fur immer. Justin Bieber and MCR.
Favourite Books: Love novel
Favourite Food:spicy food.
Dislikes: strawberry milk, hypocrite people and betrayer. oh yeah bitch.
Moto: Human create law and law to be break. Let's break some rules!!!
People I'd like to meet: Tokio Hotel, JB, Alex Evans...
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PostSubject: Re: All About You   All About You Icon_minitimeFri Jun 04, 2010 10:09 pm

Real Name: CHENG ELAINE (full name)
Nickname: chengTEN as u see, or u can name me BILL ELANE too! Twisted Evil
Gender: Female
Place and DOB: Kuala Lumpur 24 NOV 1994
Location: seri kembangan full of humanoid
Relationship Status: BIG SAD CASE, [SIN_LE] i trying not to admit. D':
Occupation: Student, blogger, tumblr, TOKIOHOTEL LOVER! Laughing
Education: school in SMJK CATHOLIC IN PJ (tell me if u same sch with meeee)
Nationality: Malaysia duuuuuh
Ethnic: ENGLISH (not good but okay, I HOPE U ACCEPT MY POOR eng. Sad ) Chinese, Cantonese.
Favourite Music: TOKIO HOTEL duuuuh! BUT OF COURSE SOME OTHERS TOO [random~]
Favourite Books: I HATE READING.
Dislikes: IM SORRY, I HATE JUSTER BABE. [fuuuuu albino ]
Moto: -NO-


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Real Name: Mei Kyi
Nickname: Shoyuko, Mickey, Yuko, Sho, Cherry
Gender: female
Place and DOB: born in kuala lumpur bt live in beutiful PJ
Location: pj
Relationship Status: single
Occupation: student
Education: i'm still in high school
Nationality: Malaysian
Favourite Color: Blue,Red,Black
About You: I'm a girl who lovees Tom..n Bill...i sometimes wish Tom is kinda like Bill bt then i realize i love Tom because of who he is...i oso love japanese arist..mostly from Johnny in NEWS and Hey!Say!JUMP
Hobbies/Interests: singing..dancing..watching Tokio Hotel do anything...XD...etc etc etc
Favourite Music: Tokio Hotel, NEWS, Hey!Say!JUMP, Arashi, 30 Seconds To Mars,
Favourite Movies/TV Show: alot
Favourite Books: alot
Favourite Food: i lovee food.
Dislikes: arrogant people,bossy ppl,ppl who think they r better n right everytime
Moto: none
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All About You
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